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Re: Installation guide link possibly incorrect

Hello -www and -boot

El 18/06/18 a las 00:59, Cyril Brulebois escribió:
> Hi folks,
> Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> (2018-06-08):
>> We had the same situation in 2016 with jessie/stretch manual.
>> I have already adapted the lessoften cron script in
>> https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/cron/commit/f02a61c6d43c3b2f141ad64a837c33fbd0f56fb8
>> Today I found the relevant mailinglist entries, here:
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2016/03/msg00200.html
>> where I read that some more action is needed.
>> Laura: could you help us again with this?
>> In above mailinglist entry you have posted the commands needed back
>> in 2016...
> I'm wondering whether we shouldn't be trying to look at specific
> versions of installation-guide based on the target suite, rather than
> hoping for the best with ls -t|head -1.
> For stretch, it can be obtained with:
> | kibi@wolkenstein:~$ rmadison installation-guide -s stretch | awk '{print $3}'
> | 20170614
> For buster, there's currently no version available in testing, so we
> could try to use whatever is in testing, and fall back to unstable if
> there's no such version?

I think it is a good idea.
> (If we implement checking several suites with a fallback, we could even
> check stretch-proposed-updates in addition to stretch, which would let
> us merge things in advance when a point release is being prepared.)

This I don't know, I've run rmadison with no -s parameter in
www-master.d.o and it shows:

installation-guide | 20130503        | oldoldstable       | source
installation-guide | 20150423        | oldstable-kfreebsd | source
installation-guide | 20150423+deb8u3 | oldstable          | source
installation-guide | 20170614        | stable             | source
installation-guide | 20180603        | unstable           | source

> What do you (-boot & -www) think?
I think it's a good idea and the script could benefit with this
improvement, and also it may make other improvements easier too
(unhardcode release names, build installation manual for testing and
also for stable).

Shall I create a bug report about "general improvements in the
installation manual script"? (I don't feel I can put time on writing the
patches in the following weeks, but I could try to review, test and/or
deploy if other people contribute them and need/want a second pair of eyes).

Laura Arjona Reina

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