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Re: Busybox in Debian

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 5:12 PM, Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk> wrote:
> On Mon, 2017-08-14 at 16:42 +0200, Denys Vlasenko wrote:
>> > > run-init
>> This tool is doing this:
> [...]
>> There is the "switch_root" tool in util-linux which does the
>> crucial part of this functionality - deleting / remounting / chrooting.
>> It is in bbox too.
> initramfs-tools used to use switch_root if possible, but it didn't
> support the -d (drop capabilities) option.  Later on we needed
> validation of the init filename to support symlinks (e.g. /sbin/init ->
> /lib/systemd/systemd), so I added and used the -n (dry run) option to
> run-init.  busybox would need to support both of these.

I added run-init to busybox just now, but I don't see -n option in
klibc-2.0.4 source. Can you point me to the source code with -n?

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