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Re: Busybox in Debian

>> ipconfig

Looks like it is used to run DHCP / BOOTP / RARP
on several interfaces, including a possibility
to run it on _all_ existing interfaces
(excluding loopback and point-to-point).
I see how this can be useful during boot.

>> minips

It's just mini-ps. Proliferation of reinvented tools
with slightly different names.

>> nuke

This is "rm -rf -- FILE". Should not be necessary.

>> resume

Writes "maj:min:offset" to /sys/power/resume.
Looks like this is support for resume from disk?

>> run-init

This tool is doing this:

Usage: exec run-init [-d caps] [-c consoledev] /real-root /sbin/init [args]
 * run_init(realroot, consoledev, drop_caps, init, initargs)
 * This function should be called as the last thing in kinit,
 * from initramfs, it does the following:
 * - Delete all files in the initramfs;
 * - Remounts /real-root onto the root filesystem;
 * - Chroots;
 * - Drops comma-separated list of capabilities;
 * - Opens /dev/console;
 * - Spawns the specified init program (with arguments.)
 * On failure, returns a human-readable error message.

There is the "switch_root" tool in util-linux which does the
crucial part of this functionality - deleting / remounting / chrooting.
It is in bbox too.

If you want "resume" and "ipconfig" in bbox, I can do that.

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