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Re: Busybox in Debian

On Fri, 2017-08-11 at 14:54 -0400, Chris Boot wrote:
> - The default initramfs assembly system, initramfs-tools, incorporates
> busybox into the initramfs and it's used until the root filesystem (and
> /usr if separate) is mounted and can be pivot_rooted into. We also use
> parts of klibc in the initramfs, and I'm not yet entirely clear what
> tools in the initramfs are klibc tools, busybox applets or executables
> copied from the running system.

If initramfs-tools is configured to use busybox, busybox installs all
its commands and then klibc-utils installs any commands that are not
already there.  So for any command that they both implement, the
busybox implementation is used.


Ben Hutchings
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