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daily (weekly?) builds of d-i manual


Philipp has pointed us to the 
repository, which contains a build system for the d-i manual.
Thanks for that hint!

I would have thought, that this runs on a dsa machine, but apparently this
has never (?) been the case.
Ok, no problem. I have a spare machine here, which could do that job perfectly
fine, so that could do.

I have worked on this, to get the manual build locally, which seems to work
so far, with some modifications (some glitches remain, but I will come back to 
that later).

Today, I performed a "non-local" build, which means files have been uploaded
to alioth, and https://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/ has been updated. 


I intend to build the manual periodically again now.
Not daily, as the svn repo may indicate, but something like once per week.
There are some remarks, though:

With my holgerw account, I was able to upload the output files of the manual
(html, pdf, txt), the log files and the html files for the webpage successfully
to alioth, but later there were errors when trying to set some permission bits:

rsyncing files to alioth...
rsync: failed to set permissions on "/srv/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/groups/d-i/htdocs/manual/da.mips": Operation not permitted (1)
rsync: failed to set permissions on "/srv/alioth.debian.org/chroot/home/groups/d-i/htdocs/manual/da.mips/images": Operation not permitted (1)
rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1183) [sender=3.1.1]
Unexpected error 23 while rsync of './da.mips'

This only appears with danish language files, so that's probably not a problem
with infrastructure (that was my first thought). 
I will try to investigate further...

Regarding statistics: apparently there is some problem with the calculation of
the statistics for po-based languages: po-based languages are converted into xml 
files within the build process; then the system sees that xml files and generates 
xml statistics for them, so there are po and xml statistics for all po-based languages.
This needs to be investigated further!

Addionally, within the process, updated po and pot files have been committed to
svn repo. That are the commits from today with "[SILENT_COMMIT] Update of POT 
and PO files for the manual" as commit message.
So be prepared for SILENT_COMMIT commits again in the future :-)

I have some problem with ssh-agent, I have to insert password for ssh key
several times within the above process, that needs some more improvement.


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