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Re: [Proposal] Update the debian installation guide Part


billwill onggo, on Wed 09 Nov 2016 22:34:51 +0700, wrote:
> Anyone here maintains the installation guide?

Whoever takes the time to fix it, yes. There can not be just one person
maintaining it all, it's impossible for anybody to be an expert in all
topics covered by the guide, so contributions have to be brought by
whoever happens to be an expert on a covered topic.

> I found that these instructions in does not work for me:
> Adding the installer image
>     Next you should create a syslinux.cfg configuration file, which at a bare
>     minimum should contain the following two lines :
>         default vmlinuz
>         append initrd=initrd.gz

They have been already fixed in sid last year.  It hasn't been
backported to Jessie, though, I have now done it.


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