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[Proposal] Update the debian installation guide Part

Anyone here maintains the installation guide?

refer to this link https://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/amd64/ch04s03.html.en

I found that these instructions in does not work for me: Adding the installer image

Next you should create a syslinux.cfg configuration file, which at a bare minimum should contain the following two lines :

default vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.gz

I might be wrong, but i found that the official syslinux site warns us about using APPEND directive in syslinux 5.00 and above


Take the following simple configuration:

  DEFAULT mykernel
  APPEND root=/dev/sda2

Note that the APPEND line here is a global directive, as it is not part of any LABEL entry.

For Syslinux 4.xx and older, the above simple configuration works as (it used to be) expected.

Since version 5.00, the result for the above sample configuration is that the root=/dev/sda2 argument is not parsed, which will lead to unexpected results, most probably with some kind of failure to boot the OS. In other words, the global APPEND is ignored by the DEFAULT directive.

For the above example, the configuration could be re-written as:

  DEFAULT mykernel root=/dev/sda2

or even better as:

  DEFAULT mylabel
  LABEL mylabel
  KERNEL mykernel
  APPEND root=/dev/sda2

Debian jessie uses syslinux 6.03, creating a bootable usb installer using jessie's machine gives me something like  'kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount'
I struggled for hours to solve this (since i'm a newbie, and i have very little knowledge about creating bootable usb in linux).

@maintainers, you might want make some changes in your 'installation guide',

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