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Bug#843943: debian-cd: please mention the dinstall serial in a trace file

Package: debian-cd
Severity: normal

(X-D-Cc: debian-boot@lists.debian.org)


Since pettersson has a mirror with project/trace, which gives us access
to archive serial, it would be nice to have a look when the build starts
and to report this, maybe in a trace file alongside cdimage.debian.org?

Also, as as side question, do we prevent the mirror from being updated
during the n-hours build of all images?

Some context: This would help figure out what changed between two d-i
releases, in addition to log parsing scripts I'm already running (which
only accounts for udebs installed during the build, plus build-deps):
looking at packages getting ACCEPTED between two dates in my
debian-boot@ mailbox is not practical and is missing non-debian-boot@
packages; plus: those udebs might not have reached testing anyway.

Thanks for considering.


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