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Bug#842040: Please add https support

* Roger Shimizu <rogershimizu@gmail.com> [2016-10-26 00:59]:
> > So, approximately 780k extra for the initrd image (3.5% increase)
> I'm not sure whether any libs already is included in the d-i image, if
> not, adding 780k extra would definitely affect armel/orion5x qnap d-i
> initrd image.
> So I append Martin, the porter of armel/orion5x qnap, to CC list.

Thanks for the CC.  I just added wget-udeb and it adds 345 KB,
which breaks the orion5x-qnap image.  However, this image is really
quite a special case and I don't want to block https support because
of it.  I can always exclude wget-udeb from this particular image.

Martin Michlmayr

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