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Re: Install on Orange Pi Plus eMMC work but no reboot

On Fri, Oct 07, 2016 at 06:52:52AM -0700, VDR User wrote:
> >> You might have misunderstood the way the SD card images are
> >> built.  The "firmware" part of the images contains only the
> >> partition table and the system-specific u-boot.  The actual
> >> installer is the same for all platforms.  There is no such thing
> >> as "the installer for the Orange Pi Plus", therefore all
> >> components of the installer must use a platform-neutral design.
> >
> > Well, I understand the technical part. But from a user point,
> > when he see the Orange Pi Plus in the board list of the
> > Debian installer, I think it's normal that he expect to be
> > able to install a working system like the Debian installer do
> > for a PC.
> 100% correct. People may invest in a board specifically because
> it's listed.  It's easy to create angry users if that turns out
> to be false advertisement, which they only discover after
> they've spent money.

There is no "false advertisement" from Debian. Debian is a
volunteer project that works on a best-effort basis.  The pure
fact that an installer image for a certain platform exists
doesn't in any way claim that each and every possible setup on
that platform is supported, it only indicates that there is at
least one way to get Debian running on the system.  It also
doesn't claim in any way that all hardware features of any
particular system are supported.  If that were the case, Debian
effectively couldn't provide a distribution, because on many
systems certain functions aren't supported by the standard
installation, be it due to the the lack of mainline kernel
drivers, the requirement to use non-free firmware or whatever

In fact, the installation guide explicitly speaks of installing
to SD/MMC _cards_ on sunxi-based systems; there is no mentioning
at all of support for installing to onboard memory.  And
installing to an SD card has worked flawlessly according to what
Jean-Christian de Rivaz has written further up in this thread.

Again, as I have already stated several times in this thread:
Yes, adding support for installing u-boot to eMMC to the
installer would be useful.  But claiming that Debian does "false
advertising" because this function isn't implemented while Debian
has nowhere claimed that it is available is just ridiculous.

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