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Re: Install on Orange Pi Plus eMMC work but no reboot

>> You might have misunderstood the way the SD card images are
>> built.  The "firmware" part of the images contains only the
>> partition table and the system-specific u-boot.  The actual
>> installer is the same for all platforms.  There is no such thing
>> as "the installer for the Orange Pi Plus", therefore all
>> components of the installer must use a platform-neutral design.
> Well, I understand the technical part. But from a user point, when he see
> the Orange Pi Plus in the board list of the Debian installer, I think it's
> normal that he expect to be able to install a working system like the Debian
> installer do for a PC.

100% correct. People may invest in a board specifically because it's
listed. It's easy to create angry users if that turns out to be false
advertisement, which they only discover after they've spent money.

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