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Daily d-i builds fail on armhf and armel with segfault in mklibs

Hello everybody,

since 2016-09-05, the daily d-i builds on armhf and armel are
incomplete. The builds fail in the library reduction step with a
segfault during the mklibs run:

mklibs-copy --ldlib=/lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 -L ./tmp/hd-media/tree/usr/lib -L ./tmp/hd-media/tree/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf \
        -L ./tmp/hd-media/udeblibs -v -d ./tmp/hd-media/tree/lib --root=./tmp/hd-media/tree \
        -L ./tmp/hd-media/tree/usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend \
        -ltext.so -lnewt.so \
        `find ./tmp/hd-media -type f -a \( -perm /0111 -o -name '*.so' -o -name '*.so.*' \) | \
         grep -v udeblibs | grep -v 'usr/lib/xorg/modules/.*\.so'`
INFO: Using /lib/ld-linux-armhf.so.3 as dynamic linker
Segmentation fault
Command failed with status 139 : mklibs-readelf -R ./tmp/hd-media/tree/sbin/blkid

I probably won't have time to look into this before next week,
but perhaps somebody else has some time to spare for debugging
this? I can reproduce the problem locally, so it's not something
related to the hardware of the buildhost.

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