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Bug#837060: debootstrap: Do not install packages of Priority:required for buildd variant


On Thu, 08 Sep 2016 19:40:15 +0200 Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> wrote:
> Looking at the code in scripts/sid, it is "x_core_install mawk" which
> fails here.  The reason is that mawk has not been downloaded,
> debootstrap's limited dependency resolver cannot resolve base-files'
> pre-dependency on awk.
> The good news is that with "--include=mawk" added to the commandline,
> debootstrap succeeds and does not include tzdata or lsb-base in the
> chroot. :-)
> So changing base-files to Pre-depend on mawk | awk seems to be the only
> blocker here.  Would you like to file a blocking bug on base-files?

I don't see why this is a bug in base-files. As far as I can see, base-files
properly declares its pre-dependency on the virtual package awk. That
debootstrap is unable to understand basic Debian dependency constructs (we are
not even talking multiarch here) is a bug in debootstrap.

This is also the point where I wonder how much sense it makes to have yet
another resolver of Debian's complex dependency mechanism around. It's one of
the reasons why I often use multistrap instead of debootstrap because the
former uses apt which already implements all the required dependency logic.

If debootstrap wants to depend on its own resolver, then it has to make sure
that it is up to the task of dealing with Debian's dependency system. So in
summary, I think this is a bug in debootstrap and not in base-files.


cheers, josch

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