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Bug#837060: debootstrap: Do not install packages of Priority:required for buildd variant

On 2016-09-08 20:54 +0100, Santiago Vila wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 08, 2016 at 07:40:15PM +0200, Sven Joachim wrote:
>> | Setting up perl-base (5.22.2-5) ...
>> | dpkg: error: --install needs at least one package archive file argument
>> `----
>> Looking at the code in scripts/sid, it is "x_core_install mawk" which
>> fails here.  The reason is that mawk has not been downloaded,
>> debootstrap's limited dependency resolver cannot resolve base-files'
>> pre-dependency on awk.
>> The good news is that with "--include=mawk" added to the commandline,
>> debootstrap succeeds and does not include tzdata or lsb-base in the
>> chroot. :-)
>> So changing base-files to Pre-depend on mawk | awk seems to be the only
>> blocker here.  Would you like to file a blocking bug on base-files?
> You don't need to change base-files for that.
> Package awk is essential and virtual. The dependency of base-files on
> awk is just to ensure that there is always an awk available (once that
> you already have a running system), but it's not meant to tell
> debootstrap which one is "the awk of preference".
> debootstrap already knows that, and the proof is that it deliberately
> installs "mawk" and no other awk implementation.

No, debootstrap does not know this, it downloads mawk because it has
priority required.

> If we switch from installing required packages to installing just the
> essential packages (which are a subset), we will miss mawk, so for all
> purposes, since we are bootstrapping, you should treat mawk as if it
> were essential.
> Could you please try something like this?
>   required="mawk $(get_debs Essential: yes)"

This works, thanks.


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