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Re: How to preseed.cfg with official installation cdrom

03.09.2016, 15:55, "Richard Owlett" <rowlett@cloud85.net>:
> On 9/3/2016 7:24 AM, Mario Gummies wrote:
>>  02.09.2016, 20:17, "Mario Gummies" <qemu-buro-point-dpkg@yandex.com>:
>>>  Hi,
>>>  I am planning a fancy debian installation session next week on a real machine and I want to do it with the preseeding method called "file". Therefore I downloaded and burned a cd-image from the official server. Please note: This is not a case of a mastered cd, I speak of. Given I found a preseed.cfg, which I put in a parallel partition on the hd, ready to be loaded into the installation routine.
>>>  Reading the docs here is the point, where I loose track:
>>>  This case, loading a preseed.cfg within an ordinary cd installation from hard disk, seems not included within the examples given, does not it?
>>>  These are btw the terms I did web search for:
>>>  installing preseed from file cdrom debian-boot@lists.debian.org
>>>  Any idea or discussion on how to perform it, any pointer?
>>>  Tia
>>  Hi once more,
>>  Ps: If it comes out that this feature for some reason or the other is not "covered", to say it is not implemented.
>>  The Howto does not mention it explicitly: So keeping silence should insinuate: Docs say it is not there. Right?
>>    I would, however, opt to care for its implementation instead.
>>  So: as well points for the question of 1) wish or 2)effort of the implementation of this feature are welcome.
> This question would be more appropriate on debian-user.
> You don't mention what documentation you are using.
> Appendix B. of the Installation Guide covers preseeding [chose
> appropriate guide at
> https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual].
> Also read the thread at
> http://lists.debian.org/508445A7.40400@cloud85.net useful.

>> The nature of the problem is  that I have found *NO NONE NADA*
>> complete explicit instructions of  what to do when handed THREE
>> objects:
>>  1. dedicated laptop capable of running Debian
>>  2. Debian 6.0.5 DVD 1 of 8
>>  3. a USB stick which may be partitioned and formatted as required
>> on which can be placed a pressed.cfg.
>> NOTE BENE: The word "network" does not appear in that description.
> OK. I am not familiar with trying it this way. I've only done it by
> fetching the preseed file over the web via url=<preseed file> passed
> on the kernel command line to the installer.
>> What I have found is incomplete and conflicting descriptions of
>> portions of the procedure(s) required drawn from various Debian
>> releases.
> Yes. Me too.

Hi, so if the answer to that would be: 

push a the hint for "out of box kind" use cases, 
"to try it with two computers connected by internet protocol, choosing the http installation method instead of http as a default option"

. missing in the docs, well,  it would be false.

Now it keeps still open the question: Is not there a documentation deprivation or some thing? So what can one see from here is, that one is set as a user to a situation, in that one could not explain not even still on how to do it just: "automatically, but yes out of the box.". If this sounds obscene to someone, - could be. 

So, further news: if it is really the seemingly case, that the "file"-kind automatic installation method, is defunct since - ever? - 

and news over news:
the second best installation method after routing it hopefully through your commercial software bios, kind of no go, is waiting to the dhcp connection - on the bios or when some kernel install is done, do not know - or lets say nothing acceptable because requiring human interaction, destroys the "automatic" in the feature "automatic install".

In this cases it is that all the tool has already gotten to the state of limited, because broken, orphaned usage state, unable to basic usage, not even able to give notice of such lack to the docs. Has it even gotten to a point of "sensationally crippling", one fears. I wont like that, but wont fail to investigate that neither: Sorry.

Well, Question: So what could one campaign or achieve as a volunteer to help to fix this bug in end and in these cases and after all? Boo! some secrets!?! Some Tips from your part for on how to help it from here? Some pointers on how to precede for such cases?
If so, then thanks for it and I am really tented for acknowledging solution ideas for it. (;

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