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Re: How to preseed.cfg with official installation cdrom

On 9/3/2016 7:24 AM, Mario Gummies wrote:

02.09.2016, 20:17, "Mario Gummies" <qemu-buro-point-dpkg@yandex.com>:
I am planning a fancy debian installation session next week on a real machine and I want to do it with the preseeding method called "file". Therefore I downloaded and burned a cd-image from the official server. Please note: This is not a case of a mastered cd, I speak of. Given I found a preseed.cfg, which I put in a parallel partition on the hd, ready to be loaded into the installation routine.
Reading the docs here is the point, where I loose track:

This case, loading a preseed.cfg within an ordinary cd installation from hard disk, seems not included within the examples given, does not it?

These are btw the terms I did web search for:
installing preseed from file cdrom debian-boot@lists.debian.org

Any idea or discussion on how to perform it, any pointer?

Hi once more,
Ps: If it comes out that this feature for some reason or the other is not "covered", to say it is not implemented.
The Howto does not mention it explicitly: So keeping silence should insinuate: Docs say it is not there. Right?
  I would, however, opt to care for its implementation instead.
So: as well points for the question of 1) wish or 2)effort of the implementation of this feature are welcome.

This question would be more appropriate on debian-user.
You don't mention what documentation you are using.
Appendix B. of the Installation Guide covers preseeding [chose appropriate guide at https://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual]. Also read the thread at http://lists.debian.org/508445A7.40400@cloud85.net useful.

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