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Re: How to use a local Debian mirror when installing with preseed (PXE)?

On 09/02/2016 08:23 PM, Geert Stappers wrote:
On Fri, Sep 02, 2016 at 08:14:14PM +0200, Frank Thommen wrote:
On 09/02/2016 08:03 PM, Geert Stappers wrote:
On Fri, Sep 02, 2016 at 11:37:53AM +0200, Frank Thommen wrote:
On 09/02/2016 01:18 AM, Steve McIntyre wrote:

Check the syslog in the installer to see what apt says about the


Aug 31 15:01:48 in-target: Get:2 http://our.debmirror stable Release
[148 kB]
Aug 31 15:01:48 debconf: --> PROGRESS SET 502


Aug 31 15:01:48 in-target: Get:3 http://our.debmirror stable/main
amd64 Packages [6,761 kB]
Aug 31 15:01:48 debconf: --> PROGRESS SET 502

Are these HTTP error codes?

I think ( as in "not sure" ) it is a HTTP error code.
Mostly because I see in '502'  "Bad gateway"


Would that mean, that our local mirror is not ok?

Yes, it could mean that the local mirror is not OK.

Where I'm _not_ familiar with `ftpsync sync:all`, I accept that
it only does "data synchronization". Not any webserver setup.

Advice: test/check/verify the local mirror with an installed system.

I'll removed all lines from /etc/apt/source.list, leaving it with a single

deb http://our.debmirror stable main

and installed some packages.  Everything works fine and I see the
packages being downloaded in the Apache logs on the server side.  No
error messages...

Nice.  Check server log for these known good.

There are no more server logs than the apache/webserver logs.

Then a run with d-i installer. Watch the _server_ log.

You mean run an installation? I did that. No errors in the Apache server log of the mirror at all. There were sucessful downloads of

/dists/stable/InRelease (Not Found)
/dists/stable/Release.gpg (OK)
/dists/stable/Release (OK)

but in fact there were two error messages (HTTP 416) in the access log for


Manual download of these files works fine and they seem ok. I'll redo the installation and recheck next week.

Try to catch the '502' from above.

There was no such error in the server logs. Only in the installer log (/var/log/installer/syslog). I have no idea, where this could come from.

Debug hint: have in the install client the "ALT F4 logging terminal" open.

I had this open and DEBCONF_DEBUG=5 is set. Too much stuff scrolling by, but everything seems to be in /var/log/installer/syslog. That's where I took the messages cited in my original post.


Geert Stappers

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