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Re: Concatenateable images (armhf) currently not working?

2016-03-10 23:01 GMT+01:00 Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org>:
> Could you run a network test with the legacy kernel? I would very
> much like to know whether the problem shows up there as well.

Certainly. ... ... If anything it's worse. For reference, that's with

download-a-couple-of-large-packages via apt "benchmark": 25.5 KB/s
@1Gb/s vs ~1,5MB/s @100Mb/s; might be httpredir.debian.org and/or the
slow SD.
ping: 16% packet loss @1 Gb/s vs 0% @100 Mb/s.
scp (download ISO image over LAN): 25 KB/s @1 Gb/s vs 9MB/s @100 Mb/s
iperf3 (no special settings): attached

If there's anything else you'd like done on either plain stretch or
legacy Armbian, just say the word.


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