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Re: Concatenateable images (armhf) currently not working?

2016-03-10 21:34 GMT+01:00 Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org>:
> do you by chance have the LIME2 connected to a gigabit ethernet
> switch?  If yes, could you try using a 100MBit-Switch instead?

I've managed the install by now with the jessie image and lots and
lots of retries. I'd been wondering about it being slow, but had no
idea what or why ... The installed system makes it quite clear that
Gigabit Ethernet is unusable on that board. 40 KiB/s in aptitude and
the serial console is faster than an ssh connection, it's a wonder the
installer worked at all.

(It's not like I didn't research these boards for days before
ordering. Criteria: runs proper Debian and has proper Ethernet, unlike
the RPi it was meant to replace. Oh the irony.)

Is it possible to have the installer do ethtool -s eth0 speed 100
duplex full or similar on A20? Would make it a lot less painful.

> As you wrote that you have no problems in armbian: which kernel
> do you use in armbian - mainline ("vanilla" in armbian terms) or
> sunxi-3.4 ("legacy" in armbian terms)?

The legacy one. But I did neglect to test the network, it may well be
just as bad.

> Is it possible that you have downloaded the hd-media images instead
> of the netboot images for alpha5 and the daily builds?

There's multiple "SD-card-images" directories? And of course I got the
wrong one. Sorry. Today's really not my day.

Any idea if the Gbit is fixable in software?


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