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Re: Concatenateable images (armhf) currently not working?

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 10:03:04PM +0100, Christian Pernegger wrote:
> 2016-03-10 21:34 GMT+01:00 Karsten Merker <merker@debian.org>:

> > As you wrote that you have no problems in armbian: which kernel
> > do you use in armbian - mainline ("vanilla" in armbian terms) or
> > sunxi-3.4 ("legacy" in armbian terms)?
> The legacy one. But I did neglect to test the network, it may well be
> just as bad.

Could you run a network test with the legacy kernel? I would very
much like to know whether the problem shows up there as well.

> > Is it possible that you have downloaded the hd-media images instead
> > of the netboot images for alpha5 and the daily builds?
> There's multiple "SD-card-images" directories? And of course I got the
> wrong one. Sorry. Today's really not my day.

Yes, the installer is built in different versions and both of
them provide SD card images:

- https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/armhf/20160310-00:36/netboot/SD-card-images/
  is for network-based installations

- https://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/armhf/20160310-00:36/hd-media/SD-card-images/
  is for offline installations based on CDs/DVDs

> Any idea if the Gbit is fixable in software?

At the moment there isn't enough information to give a proper
answer to this question.  If the legacy kernel should work for
you, that would be an indication that a software solution should
be possible and we would have to try to find out what exactly the
legacy driver does differently from the one in mainline.

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