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Re: Concatenateable images (armhf) currently not working?

On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 06:10:56PM +0100, Christian Pernegger wrote:

> I'm trying to install stretch on an Olimex A20-OLinuXIno-LIME2
> (Allwinner A20, armhf) using the concatenateable images:
> * The jessie images from linked from
> https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Allwinner
> (http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/dists/jessie/main/installer-armhf/current/images/netboot/SD-card-images/)
> work, only (Release file, package) downloads will often fail and have
> to be retried. In the end I couldn't finish the installation because
> debootstrap / a debootstrap script couldn't be found. Might be my
> hardware, though Armbian seems to run stably enough.


do you by chance have the LIME2 connected to a gigabit ethernet
switch?  If yes, could you try using a 100MBit-Switch instead?
I experience packet corruption with an A20-SOM-EVB connected to a
gigabit switch while it works without problems when connected to
a 100MBit switch.  The hardware design of the A20-SOM-EVB and
that of the LIME2 is very similar, so you might be hit by the
same problem.

I have been working on finding a solution (or at least a usable
workaround) for these gigabit-related problems and have been
experimenting with some changes to the ethernet controller setup,
but unfortunately up to now without success.  Olimex is also
working on the issue.  What makes finding the actual source of
the problem a bit difficult is that the problem doesn't seem to
always occur - it happens on some boards but not on others, and
it happens with some gigabit switches but not with others.

As you wrote that you have no problems in armbian: which kernel
do you use in armbian - mainline ("vanilla" in armbian terms) or
sunxi-3.4 ("legacy" in armbian terms)?

> * The stretch a5 and daily (as of a half hour ago) images fail much
> earlier and much more consistently. The installer fails to find an
> installer ISO image right after locale selection and that's that.

Is it possible that you have downloaded the hd-media images instead
of the netboot images for alpha5 and the daily builds? The "ISO image
not found" error points very strongly at hd-media images, which do
not work "standanlone" but only together with a Debian CD/DVD (either
on a physical disc or in the form of an ISO file on a USB stick).

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