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Re: translation-check's maxdelta oddities

Hi Holger,

Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> (2015-10-28):
> The "Stretch Alpha 3" above is an entity, which is defined in
> ../english/devel/debian-installer/images.data (which you have
> adjusted yourself :-) ).

(Updating… I do remember :))

Hmm, right. I failed to connect some dots here.

> So this means, the website was not completely newly build after you
> committed the images.data. 

Could it be that images.data's being updated doesn't lead to a rebuild
of the relevant translations? And that those are only rebuilt when their
files actually get updated? That would explain why building them locally
led to the expected results, while the website getting updated would
still have the old contents?

(I'm not sure how dependencies between files are declared/detected, and
I don't think I'll find time tonight to check this out, hence just
throwing the idea for the time being.)

> Or some kind of proxy server or cache issue.

I'm behind no proxy server, and while I didn't explicitly check with
some low-level tools like wget, I'm pretty confident I had never checked
errata in Italian before, so likely not a browser caching issue.

Thanks for your input!


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