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Re: Bug#803228: pango1.0: Please build udeb with libthai enabled

Hi Michael,

Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org> (2015-10-28):
> the GNOME team was asked to enable libthai support in pango.
> This would mean two new dependencies concerning d-i:
> libthai0-udeb (amd64: size: 13kB, installed size: 41 kB)
> libthai-data-udeb (size: 125kB, installed size: 557 kB)
> Please let us know if you are ok with that change.

Yeah, that was discussed with Theppitak Karoonboonyanan earlier even if
I haven't been able to test anything on my end and give a green light

No objection on principle though (that was even in the package set
Josselin mentioned a long while ago when he called for someone to look
at X-ifying d-i :)), and since a release just went out, there's plenty
of time to fix any issues that might pop up after the addition of these
extra udebs; so feel free to go ahead.

Thanks for the ping, too.


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