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translation-check's maxdelta oddities


A while ago we introduced the maxdelta parameter in translations for
some devel/debian-installer files, mainly because errata would point to
those of the previous release instead of the one which is getting
announced (until the translation is refreshed).

Looking at the live website, I don't see the expected warning, e.g. on:
  (which has: “Errata de la version Stretch Alpha 3”)

  (which has: “Errata per Stretch Alpha 3”)

Yet, building locally leads to the expected warning in
  <div class="trans-note"><p><strong> Attention&nbsp;: cette traduction n'est plus à jour, veuillez consulter le <a href="errata.en.html">document original</a>. </strong></p></div>

and in webwml/italian/devel/debian-installer/errata.it.html:
  <div class="trans-note"><p><strong> Attenzione! Questa traduzione è ormai datata, perciò dai un'occhiata anche alla nuova pagina <a href="errata.en.html">originale</a>. </strong></p></div>

Does anyone know what could explain this difference, and how to fix?

For reference: english/template/debian/translation-check.wml contains
the macro definition.


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