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Re: Buffalo Linkstation systems newly supported since Linux 4.3

On Wed, 2015-10-28 at 00:20 +0900, Roger Shimizu wrote:
> Status update for armel/orion5x DT support for kernel.
> flash-kernel: patch accepted, and already in sid now.
> linux-image-orion5x: patch submitted, bug#803159
> However, I found another issue, the kernel image size for orion5x is
> already exceed the u-boot limit of LS-WTGL, the only orion5x box I
> have on hand.
> The kernel I can boot on that device need two patches:
> - the one submitted to bug#803159 (0001-armel-orion5x-enable-DT-support.patch)
> - revert file debian/config/armel/config.orion5x in commit b3b60bbdd13 [0]

How does that help?  The kernel image was already too large before that

> And it's working well on 3.16.7-ckt11-1+deb8u5, but not
> 4.3~rc5-1~exp1, because of the kernel image size.
> I'm wondering how to proceed. Some questions:
> - Is the size of d-i kernel smaller than common linux-image kernel?

No, it is the exact same kernel.


Ben Hutchings
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