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State of gnome-orca in debian-installer

Hi all,
What sort of support is there for gnome-orca in debian-installer ?

I did see that there is support for espeak in d-i but nothing about gnome-orca.


Could anybody shed a light on that.

I did find https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/News/2015/20150327

which talks of having gnome-orca installed for accessibility within libreoffice.org but nothing about debian-installer itself.

I also had a look at the debian-installer documentation package but didn't find anything about that. I did have a look at the TODO.gz and found a bug with it still talking about kernel 2.6 support which was phased out at least couple of years back if I'm not mistaken.

Look forward to hearing more and please keep the CC as it is.

Shirish Agarwal,
Community Lead,

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