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Re: Buffalo Linkstation systems newly supported since Linux 4.3

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your feedback!

>> Device listed below is converted to DT from traditional way since Linux 4.3:
>>   - orion5x: LS-WSGL
> Do you have a LS-WSGL for testing?  The installer needs an update to
> append the DTB (see
> debian-installer/build/config/armel/orion5x/network-console.cfg).

Unfortunately, I have no LS-WSGL.
But I have LS-WTGL, which use the same orion5x kernel image.

For kirkwood series (LS-WVL, LS-WXL etc), I have confirmed current 4.3
experimental kernel image can boot well after applying the
flash-kernel patch included in this bug report.
However, for orion5x series, I tried on LS-WTGL, it fails to boot. I
may need add some kernel config to support DT from my previous
testing. I'll open another bug regarding to kernel-image on this

BTW. I'll try to port d-i to kirkwood based Linkstation later.


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