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Re: Testing d-i for stable-p-u


Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Depending on particular changes I'd like to check (e.g. grub-installer),
> I indeed end up building an image with debian-cd.

I think this is what I must do.  It just feels a bit excessive for
recreational testing, or even within a Jenkins job.

Jenkins also tests PXE netboot installs, and I see no easy way to
test udebs from stable-p-u in that context.

> You're missing net-retriever in this picture. You might find the
> following somewhat helpful:
>   https://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2014/01/msg00026.html

Yes, there are some similarities with that use-case.

I already tried changing /etc/udebs-source, but that either gives me
stable's udebs, or an incomplete set of udebs from stable-p-u, but not
both.  I could maybe try to extend net-retriever.

debootstrap can just install stable, and dist-upgrade to stable-p-u
later, and that's good enough to do some basic testing.

Thanks a lot!
Steven Chamberlain

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