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Testing d-i for stable-p-u


Does anyone test d-i for stable-proposed-updates?  If so, how?
It seems rather difficult currently.

You could build the d-i jessie branch from Git, or get release-candidate
stable-p-u images from

but choose-mirror will default to installing jessie.  To override it,
you may need to use preseed/early_command or execute in a shell:

    sed -i 's/$/-proposed-updates/' /etc/default-release

If you don't do that, the installer may fetch some of its udebs from
stable, rather than newer ones in stable-p-u.  (Or otherwise you could
build a custom d-i image having all the latest udebs from stable-p-u,
but I've become tired of that).

Next, it would be nice to test that the base system in stable-p-u is
still installable.  d-i's debootstrap can't seem to do this as it
doesn't recognise "-proposed-updates" suites, so would need a patch to
add those.  I tried that but ran into some other issue next.

Where I'm going with this is, that jenkins.debian.net does great QA of
the installer and base system from stable.  But doing regular c-i tests
of stable isn't as interesting, as being able to find bugs *before* they
are introduced in a point release.

Steven Chamberlain

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