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Re: Testing d-i for stable-p-u


Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> (2015-10-05):
> Does anyone test d-i for stable-proposed-updates?  If so, how?
> It seems rather difficult currently.

Around p-u time, when d-i's been built (uploaded or binNMUd) against p-u.

> You could build the d-i jessie branch from Git, or get release-candidate
> stable-p-u images from
> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/jessie-proposed-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/
> but choose-mirror will default to installing jessie.  To override it,
> you may need to use preseed/early_command or execute in a shell:
>     sed -i 's/$/-proposed-updates/' /etc/default-release
> If you don't do that, the installer may fetch some of its udebs from
> stable, rather than newer ones in stable-p-u.  (Or otherwise you could
> build a custom d-i image having all the latest udebs from stable-p-u,
> but I've become tired of that).

Depending on particular changes I'd like to check (e.g. grub-installer),
I indeed end up building an image with debian-cd.

> Next, it would be nice to test that the base system in stable-p-u is
> still installable.  d-i's debootstrap can't seem to do this as it
> doesn't recognise "-proposed-updates" suites, so would need a patch to
> add those.  I tried that but ran into some other issue next.

You've mentioned this in your follow-up mail, which I'm quoting to reply
directly in a single mail:
> Oops, of course it doesn't make sense to do that.  stable-p-u contains
> the updated packages and not the whole archive.
> I can't think of an obvious way to make anna (udeb fetcher) and
> d-i debootstrap use stable-p-u in addition to stable.

You're missing net-retriever in this picture. You might find the
following somewhat helpful:

BTW, back to the original topic: I don't expect the base system to
become uninstallable over night in p-u. We have release managers and
debian-boot@ (well me) looking over changes affecting the installation
process in stable, and I don't recall many booboos in this area.

(That said, yes, testing more is better than testing less.)


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