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Re: apt-setup bugs / patch review

> +Template: apt-setup/local/netrc
> +Type: string
> +# :sl3:
> +_Description: netrc-style entry:
> + Please enter here your apt host that requires authentication. Please use
> + the format described by man netrc.
> + .
> + For instance:
> +  machine packages.server.org login myuser password mypass

OK, I now better understand what the patch is supposed to do. So let's
try to cook something.

Template: apt-setup/local/netrc
Type: string
# :sl3:
_Description: Authentication information for the APT server:
 You chose to use a mirror FTP server that doesn't allow anonymous
 logins but allows authentication with local logins.
 Please provide the needed credentials in the syntax described by
 netrc(5). In the following example, "<packages.example.org>" is the
 mirror server host name, "<myuser>" is the login to use on this server
 and "<mypass>" is the password for that login:
  machine <packages.example.org> login <myuser> password <mypass>
 This information will be stored in "/etc/apt/apt.conf" on the
 installed machine.

(the "#flag" is described in po-debconf(7) and allows one to specify
that the 4th string is not translatable (in that case, the example)

By the way, as this contains a password, the patch should make
provision for the information to not be stored in clear in the debconf
database, shouldn't it?

A "password" style template would be better but....in such case, the
entire line won't be shown to users when they type it.

How about prompting three times and then construct the netrc line?

-first prompt about the mirror host name
-then user information
-then password

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