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Re: apt-setup bugs / patch review

Quoting bofh80 (afm404@gmail.com):

> +Template: mirror/http/source
> +Type: boolean
> +Default: true
> +# :sl2:
> +_Description: Generate deb-src for selected mirror
> +Set to false if you wish to comment out the deb-src line in
> +/etc/apt/sources.list.

That template need a style review. I'd propose something along the
lines of:

_Description: Add an entry for source packages downloads for the selected mirror?
 Choose this option if you want to create an entry in
 /etc/apt/sources.list for source packages downloads (deb-src entry).

(Debconf templates should not make reference to debconf widgets such
as "false" or "true" and boolean templates should have an
interrogative form in the synopsis)

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