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RE: Possible capitalization and extra space issue

Thank you for clarification. Well, I also have translators who used to enter
double spaces after punctuation marks or between words, but this always have
to be fix
to keep the text accurate. By the way, we did wrong translation for "quik"
translating it as "quick". Just thought the whole string was "ugly" )))
App names should not be translated for Tajik. So I have just fixed this
string to have the app name in English. Wikiperdia: quik (boot loader), a
boot loader designed to start Linux on Apple Macintosh PowerPC systems.


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Subject: Re: Possible capitalization and extra space issue

Quoting Victor Ibragimov (victor.ibragimov@gmail.com):
> Hi,
> The following issue found in the Debian-installer template (sublevel4)
template is also attached.
> ===============
> #. Type: boolean
> #. Description
> #. :sl4:
> #: ../quik-installer.templates:3001
> msgid "quik installation failed.  Continue anyway?"
> msgstr "" 
> ================
> Possible capitalization and extra space issue. String needs to be updated
> msgid "Quik installation failed. Continue anyway?"

THis is one of the cases where we avoid capitalization because "quik"
is the program name. I usually try to avoid this situation but we sometimes
have to leave it as is.

So, I won't fix it.

The double space is indeed something that should be fixed. However, in order
to avoir fuzzying existing translations, that requires some manual

There are maybe a few others cases where we still have such double
spaces: some English native speakers tend to use them after full stops,

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