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Re: Tajik Language - Adding support for a new language

Quoting Victor Ibragimov (victor.ibragimov@gmail.com):
> Hi Christian,
> I have downloaded this mini.iso
> http://d-i.debian.org/daily-images/i386/daily/netboot/mini.iso
> And seems to be Tajik is not yet there.

You need this one:

(graphical installer, as Tajik is not available in the text-based installer)

> By the way, could you please, check if sublevel3,4,5,6 are not blocked to
> continue Tajik translations?

They're not blocked. Translations are flowing to individual packages
as you commit updates. Every night a sync script dispatches the
strings to the relevant packages

I will upload these from time to time. In the meantime, I'm working at
re-enabling the build of the "monolithic" images that will incldes all
uploaded packages.

Feel free to ask further questions: I understand this process is not
easy to understand and I guess that, indeed, not that many D-I
translators are really aware of how things are working..:-)

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