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Bug#684128: failure to communicate

Hi Thomas,

Le vendredi, 5 avril 2013 17.52:19, Thomas Goirand a écrit :
> On 04/05/2013 07:59 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> > And all of these features will only land for the next cycle
> > with a release in ~= 2 years time.
> I really hope that it wont be the case. That it doesn't go into
> Debian 7.0.0, I would understand, but at least, we need it
> for a point release.

Are you seriously arguing in favour of pushing a behavioural change into a 
stable point release? I doubt the stable release team would accept that, but 
I'm not under their hats.

> And at least, we need things written in the release notes about it, if not a
> message in the installer itself (Christian, don't kill me... ;).

I disagree. It has worked that way for a long time (and many releases in that 
timeframe), so it is probably not "that" broken.

I'm not saying the bug isn't valid of course, just that it's severity is IMHO 

> Could we stop the winning and have this bug fixed please,
> or the patch rejected (with a valid motivation)?

Could we stop the useless bikeshedding and have Wheezy released please?

The patch doesn't need rejection: it is a valid patch for a valid bug. It just 
affects d-i, which is quite an important piece of software for sane Debian 
releases. As you know, d-i is critically low on manpower.

You want that bug fixed? Great: test the patch, document your tests, upload to 
experimental with the patch, gather feedback, get involved, etc. For a fix to 
land in Wheezy, this should have happened 8 months ago. Now is the time to 
release Wheezy, not the time to add cosmetic and disruptive fixes to it. (And 
again, I think the changes are probably worthwhile, it's only the timing which 
is wrong.)


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