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Re: Bug#684128: down the memory hole

Hi Ian.

ian_bruce@fastmail.net wrote:
> It seems that Historical Revisionism, of the bad kind, is now in
> operation at Debian, in that critical commentary about unapplied patches
> is made to disappear down the memory hole, without leaving so much as a
> trace on the relevant bug report.
> If it were thought that the criticism was unfair, or inaccurate, then it
> could be allowed to remain in place, so that other people might judge
> its lack of merit for themselves.
> In the case of bug #684128, post #108, however, the fact that the
> offending message was promptly vaporized* (as will be this one also), of
> course suggests that the opposite is true.

I'm (again) not really sure what you mean with these paragraphs, but
the message

> Subject: Bug#684128: Info received ("When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said...)
> Message-ID: <handler.684128.B684128.136491666013227.ackinfo@bugs.debian.org>
> References: <20130402083114.6bba69b4.ian_bruce@fastmail.net>

(for reference, that mail is available online at

looked a lot like non-sense spam to me and I reported it as such in
the BTS. And obviously the one reading that report was of the same
opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if others hit the "Send a report that
this bug log contains spam" link after that mail of yours, too.

If you want to make comments about bugs that people should actually
read, please make sure that your mail is concise and does not tell
fairy tales to hide your intent. The BTS is no literature contest.


		Regards, Axel
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