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Bug#684128: down the memory hole

It seems that Historical Revisionism, of the bad kind, is now in
operation at Debian, in that critical commentary about unapplied patches
is made to disappear down the memory hole, without leaving so much as a
trace on the relevant bug report.

If it were thought that the criticism was unfair, or inaccurate, then it
could be allowed to remain in place, so that other people might judge
its lack of merit for themselves.

In the case of bug #684128, post #108, however, the fact that the
offending message was promptly vaporized* (as will be this one also), of
course suggests that the opposite is true.

It seems to me that this kind of thing sets a bad precedent for the
future, but I'm just a bug reporter, of the worst kind, those that
actually fix the problem that they're complaining about.

So what do I know?

* after an automatic acknowledgement had been sent:

Subject: Bug#684128: Info received ("When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said...)
Message-ID: <handler.684128.B684128.136491666013227.ackinfo@bugs.debian.org>
References: <20130402083114.6bba69b4.ian_bruce@fastmail.net>

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