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Bug#684128: failure to communicate

On 4 April 2013 20:47,  <ian_bruce@fastmail.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Apr 2013 19:09:04 +0200
> Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
>> This mail is a very good argument to confirm that overcomplicated
>> methods to make your point will just fail.
>> If you have a point to make it, make ti. Once. With facts.
> I supplied plenty of facts.

I was not following this bug report but reading it, it reminds me of
the Unit Policy [1] that got approved and is gradually implemented in
ubuntu/debian packages.

Looking at d-i the usage is mostly correct sans 'k' should only be
used lower-cased with current base-10 units.

The major problem with changing these is that same prefixes are
accepted for pre-seeding and it would be ill-advised to change those,
thus backwards compatability must be preserved in the values that can
be preseeded as well as entered by the user.

The default to base-10 units, is good as majority of the installer
deals with HDD drives (not SSD) and not RAM. If I have 1TB drive and
want half of it for one thing and 1/4 for this and 1/4 for that, no
space should be left on the drive. Hence matching and using same units
as disk-manufacturers is good.

The case where we mix & match => e.g. making swap big enough (base-10)
for RAM size (base-2) is tricky. And it's something to consider in the

I understand your frustration, but as it happens installer
work/improvements becomes a hot topic post-freeze as this is when
people start to use the installer, notice things and try to write
features. And all of these features will only land for the next cycle
with a release in ~= 2 years time. Tell me about bad timing, eh?! =)

W.r.t. boundry alignments, I believe it its already aligning at 2048
by default and there is ongoing work to align with 4K boundries
properly. But note that boundry alignment has little to do with user
displaying/specifying amount of gigaheaps one wants to be allocated

Everyone seems to agree to bring support to input/output Ki/Mi etc
prefixes. That's a feature and can only go into jessie branches and or
wait for wheezy release. Once that lands we can bike shed to death
where to display what units and what to default to where going

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnitsPolicy



ps. there are disk manufactures that mix base-2 and base-10 units.
E.g. using one to calculate "1MB" and then using the other multiply
and gain GB/TB factors /o\

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