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Bug#689548: debian-installer: serial console glitches

Robert Edmonds, le Wed 03 Oct 2012 19:01:48 -0400, a écrit :
> ok, i tried "virsh console" from a real linux virtual console and it
> worked just fine with d-i.

Probably because the linux console is more based on vt102 sequences than
xterm is.

> is there a better X terminal emulator in debian for accessing a serial
> console d-i?  i tried plain 'xterm' but got the same result as with
> xfce4-terminal.

Well, most X terminal emulators are compatible with xterm... In
principle it'd be the virtualization solution to handle the conversion
from the xterm sequences into the virtualized sequences. Existing serial
software just can not work without that.

It happens though that there's a program which can do that: screen :)

Just run your virtualization tool inside a screen, the screen terminfo
is quite similar to vt102.


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