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Bug#689548: debian-installer: serial console glitches

Robert Edmonds, le Wed 03 Oct 2012 18:04:50 -0400, a écrit :
>     virt-install \

Do you know what kind of terminal virt-install emulates? (if it emulates
anything, instead of just passing chars by).

> i ran this over ssh, running in an 80x25 xfce4-terminal, value of TERM
> was "xterm", if that matters.  some things i noticed:
>     * pressing "end" on my keyboard didn't go to the end of a list of
>       menu items, but instead acted as if i had selected "go back" (that
>       is, as soon as i pressed "end", the previous menu screen was
>       displayed).
>     * normally on a long menu screen you can scroll down by pressing the
>       down arrow key.  this doesn't seem to work, and i couldn't manage
>       to reach the (hidden) options on the "configure the package
>       manager" screen where you can toggle sources.list entries for the
>       security and volatile repositories.  i've attached a screen shot
>       of my terminal to show what this looks like.

It really looks like a mismatch of the terminal type. The d-i assumes
vt102 emulation.


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