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Bug#689548: debian-installer: serial console glitches

Robert Edmonds, le Wed 03 Oct 2012 18:33:13 -0400, a écrit :
> Samuel Thibault wrote:
> > Robert Edmonds, le Wed 03 Oct 2012 18:04:50 -0400, a écrit :
> > >     virt-install \
> > 
> > Do you know what kind of terminal virt-install emulates? (if it emulates
> > anything, instead of just passing chars by).
> virt-install actually just invokes "virsh console".  looking at virsh's
> tools/console.c i think it is very close to just passing chars through.

So we can't really expect it to work in all kinds of terms.

Fixing it would mean to either

- add more terminfo files into d-i, and you'll have to pass e.g
TERM=xterm along console=ttyS0
- hack the vt102 terminfo into also recognizing xterm arrow sequences
as such. I'm afraid it's not even possible without breaking the vt102


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