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Bug#689548: debian-installer: serial console glitches

Robert Edmonds wrote:
>     * normally on a long menu screen you can scroll down by pressing the
>       down arrow key.  this doesn't seem to work, and i couldn't manage
>       to reach the (hidden) options on the "configure the package
>       manager" screen where you can toggle sources.list entries for the
>       security and volatile repositories.  i've attached a screen shot
>       of my terminal to show what this looks like.

actually, i was mistaken about this, it looks like the serial console
d-i UI behaves a little bit differently -- instead of scrolling, the
list with the security/volatile repository toggles is split onto the
next screen and reached with "continue".  i think this might be a little
bit inconsistent to how scrolling occurs in the virtual console d-i UI
and with other parts of the serial console d-i UI.

Robert Edmonds

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