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Re: (forw) Switch to graphical installer by default?

Quoting Jean-Philippe MENGUAL (mengualjeanphi@free.fr):
> Hi,
> From what I know noawaday, GUI installer is not accessible. To be
> accessible, we'd need orca to be installed. But the problem is that orca
> only works with GTK. Given the current situation with orca and GTK3,
> at-spi2, etc., I don't think it'll be easy to make the GUI accessible
> quickly. Ubuntu installer tries to do this, but it's not perfect. After
> a lot of bug reports, informal or not, some button are not yet read by
> orca.

I was fearing that. So at the end, the question becomes: do we trade
on accessibility for the default Debian Installer and therefore need
to put some specific note in the Release Notes.

Or do we stick to "The Universal System" concept and therefore leave
the only accessible installer as default. (which indeed makes the
installer not universal either because of several missing languages).

I'm really balanced on this as I personnally care about *both* of

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