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Bug#657830: New win32-loader-pxe.exe on the mirrors network

On 12762 March 1977, Didier Raboud wrote:

> Not necessarily. I think there are basically three options to solve that
> bug:
> a) include the "PXE" option in the default win32-loader.exe (bumping its
> size from 918K to 1.2M). This puts the PXE choice in the way of default
> usage: right after the language choice, the user can choose between
> "Normal mode", "Expert mode" or "PXE".
> So option a) sums up to ~1.2M .

> b) create two executables:
>  1] win32-loader.exe for "default" usage (referred to from the
>     installation manual, etc) that does not prompt the PXE option and
>     weighs 918k;
>  2] win32-loader-pxe.exe for "special" usage that permits _both_ secure
>     d-i downloading and PXE installation. This one weighs 1.2M.
> So option b) sums up to ~2.1M

> c) create two executables:
>   1] same as in b), the default "secure d-i downloader", 918K;
>   2] a reduced "PXE" version, without the d-i downloader part, that
>      would only be able to install PXE (unknown size yet).

> What do you bug readers think?


bye, Joerg
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