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Bug#605477: [squeeze] hyperv: d-i failed to detect synthetic network card

tags 605477 - moreinfo
severity 605477 wishlist
unarchive 652014
tags 652014 - pending
# test was presumably with an older version, but hyperv drivers
# haven't been backported, so
reassign 605477 src:linux-2.6 2.6.32-41
merge 652014 605477

Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Giovanni Proscia (g.proscia@mainsoft.it):

>> Machine: Microsoft Hyper-V virtual Machine
>> The installer was unable to detect the network card, the only way
>> to take it to works was removing synthetic network card and
>> installing an emulated network card into the virtual machine.
> Any hint about the network card type? That might help..:-)

Looks like a duplicate of <http://bugs.debian.org/652014>, fixed
in wheezy/sid but not squeeze.

Giovanni, if you get a chance to try the kernel from wheezy or
sid, that would be interesting.


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