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Bug#657830: New win32-loader-pxe.exe on the mirrors network

> FYI, here's what I proposed to solve #657830 . This would imply a new
> win32-loader-pxe.exe executable available from the mirrors network. As
> far as I can see, this should work "as is" with the current auto-byhand
> win32-loader script.

> If you have concerns regarding this strategy, please rise them on the
> 657830 bug.

Does it need to be a new binary, or can't this go into the normal one and
be just an "option to select PXE"?

>> I propose the attached patch that would do even "better", by providing a
>> win32-loader-pxe.exe from the Debian mirrors, available on
>> http://ftp.debian.org/debian/tools/win32-loader/unstable/win32-loader-pxe.exe> 
>> That win32-loader-pxe.exe is basically the standalone win32-loader.exe
>> "plus" the PXE choice, so there is a (minor) duplication of
>> functionality, but the default win32-loader.exe pointed at by
>> get.debian.net and the installation manuals would stay the "normal"
>> win32-loader.exe

>> What do you (and debian-boot ?) think about that ?

bye, Joerg
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