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Bug#657830: New win32-loader-pxe.exe on the mirrors network

Hi Joerg, and thanks for your feedback;

Le 20.02.2012 08:03, Joerg Jaspert a écrit :
> Does it need to be a new binary, or can't this go into the normal one and
> be just an "option to select PXE"?

Not necessarily. I think there are basically three options to solve that

a) include the "PXE" option in the default win32-loader.exe (bumping its
size from 918K to 1.2M). This puts the PXE choice in the way of default
usage: right after the language choice, the user can choose between
"Normal mode", "Expert mode" or "PXE".
So option a) sums up to ~1.2M .

b) create two executables:
 1] win32-loader.exe for "default" usage (referred to from the
    installation manual, etc) that does not prompt the PXE option and
    weighs 918k;
 2] win32-loader-pxe.exe for "special" usage that permits _both_ secure
    d-i downloading and PXE installation. This one weighs 1.2M.
So option b) sums up to ~2.1M

c) create two executables:
  1] same as in b), the default "secure d-i downloader", 918K;
  2] a reduced "PXE" version, without the d-i downloader part, that
     would only be able to install PXE (unknown size yet).

Among those three options, a) and b) are straightforward with the
current code, while c) would imply more work, not done yet. That's
mostly why I picked the b) option, as it doesn't put the PXE prompt in
the default way of users. But c) seems superior, both in terms of size
and in terms of usage.

What do you bug readers think?



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