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Re: "No kernel modules were found" PowerPC Businesscard and Netinst daily CDs

Hi Otavio,

On Jul 28, 2011, at 7:40 AM, Otavio Salvador wrote:

On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 13:35, Rick Thomas <rbthomas@pobox.com> wrote:
PS: The corresponding sid d-i install CD is even worse. It has problems
with choosing a language and can't get far enough to check for kernel

Please get the current (today's) daily from sid and give it a try.

OK, I'm downloading
as I type.

Daily build #5 for powerpc, using installer build from sid
These images will install the testing version of Debian, currently Wheezy.

See the top-level daily directory for more information about the daily builds.

This build finished at Thu Jul 28 15:34:43 UTC 2011.

I'll get as many log-type details as I can and report back. However... The last time I tried sid_d-i, I couldn't get it to mount a USB stick (or anything else!) to put the log files on, so I gave up and went to bed -- reasoning that if I was having so many problems, so would other people (it didn't look like a PowerPC specific problem) and it would have to get noticed and fixed soon; I'd try again then. I sincerely hope that "now" is "then", but if it isn't I'll still report what I can.


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