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Re: "No kernel modules were found" PowerPC Businesscard and Netinst daily CDs

We still have this problem.  Three weeks later.

On 07/04/11 01:37, Rick Thomas wrote:

I just downloaded and burned Businesscard and Netinst CDs from

Daily build #1 for powerpc, using installer build from wheezy

These images will install the testing version of Debian, currently

See the top-level daily directory for more information about the daily

This build finished at Mon Jul 4 03:38:56 UTC 2011.

Name Last modified Size

Parent Directory -
MD5SUMS.small 04-Jul-2011 05:38 143
SHA1SUMS.small 04-Jul-2011 05:38 159
SHA256SUMS.small 04-Jul-2011 05:38 207
SHA512SUMS.small 04-Jul-2011 05:38 335
debian-testing-powerpc-businesscard.iso 04-Jul-2011 05:37 78M
debian-testing-powerpc-netinst.iso 04-Jul-2011 05:38 261M

Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) Server at cdimage.debian.org Port 80

When I attempted to install (using either CD) I got

[!!] Load installer components from CD
No kernel modules were found. ...

Just thought you'd like to know...


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