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Re: Bug#186029: Grouping questions in netcfg -- but which ones?

Miguel Figueiredo, le Fri 21 Jan 2011 13:16:53 +0000, a écrit :
> > Actually, I don't even understand why people prefer to see questions
> > grouped. I personally prefer to type foo[ENTER]bar[ENTER], rather than
> > having to tab between elements, or find out how things are supposed to
> > be separated (by commas, whatever).
> > 
> If the default value doesn't need to changed it's "two (or more) birds
> with one stone".

Still, I find it more efficient to validate them one by one rather than
validating two, then three, then two again, etc.

> I guess it also makes sense (i don't argue to everybody) that related
> questions be together around one subject so they don't seem 'random' but
> logically partitioned. 

That, however, I can understand (though I still don't put that in the
"best" way to do things).

> And also could lead to fewer steps, even with the same amount to data to
> feed to the system. 

I was about to say "well, pressing enter three times is no more tedious
than just once", but then I realize that indeed I could like to e.g. be
able to say "yes, all the network stuff can remain the default, I don't

One ground issue that remains is that questions depend on each other:
for the locale for instance, the list of countries depends on the
language, and the default keymap and timezone depends on the both
country and language, so unless changing list selection on the fly in
e.g. the graphical interface, you'll loose efficiency if you group them.

Same for mirror selection: first the country, then the mirror list. The
proxy question could be on the side, however.

One grouping that I see could be done a hostname/domainname combination.
I usually don't fill the domainname, so just filling the hostname and
pressing enter is fine.

> > For instance, I don't even like (but I can live with) the graphical
> > installer asking the dupped password on the same screen, it makes d-i
> > testing a little bit more tedious :)
> > 
> I believe we also have a wishlist BR asking to when press enter to move
> to the next box :)

Mmm, and then we'll have a wishlist BR that ctrl-enter validates it
all... Funny way to switch from tab/enter to enter/ctrl-enter :)


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